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BlackBerry PlayBook to get Movie Talk and Facebook apps in May (updated)


Reddit turns off access to its main source code

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NYC’s Citi Bike adds Apple Pay to make bike-sharing lighter

Zepp’s tennis sensor now includes a highlight camera

• Incoming Call Notifications – users will receive a notification pop-up when a fresh movie call comes in, permitting them to accept the call as either a movie or voice call, or decline the call. Read more

Best Compliments to Give a Woman, POPSUGAR Love – Hookup

Best Compliments to Give a Woman

No shame in admitting it: we’re all suckers for a good compliment. Thanks to a discussion on Quora titled, "What’s the best compliment for a woman you’ve ever heard?" we have a peek into what both dudes and women think that reaction should be. See the most memorable compliments right here, and of course, let us know what you think is the most meaningful thing someone could ever say to a lady. Read more

Advertising and Marketing on the Internet: Rules of the Road, Federal Trade Commission

Advertising and Marketing on the Internet: Rules of the Road

Advertising on the Internet? The rules that apply to other forms of advertising apply to online marketing, too. These standards protect businesses and consumers – and help maintain the credibility of the Internet as an advertising medium.

The Internet is connecting advertisers and marketers to customers from Boston to Bali with text, interactive graphics, movie and audio. Read more

99 Best Tinder Pick Up Lines of 2017- (Funniest Tinder Lines! )

99+ Best Tinder Pick Up Lines of 2017- (Funniest Tinder Lines!)

Tinder is very popular dating app. Tho’ there are numerous apps but Tinder is the most used and the crowded free meet up app. There are endless women on Tinder and all of them looks above average (at least on the picture). Damsels get right swipes all the time, hundreds of boys treatment them on daily basis; many of them don’t even get a single reply. Read more

50 Pick Up Lines for the Corporate World

50 Pick Up Lines for the Corporate World

Because most of these words are dumb so we should have joy with them.

  1. Can you assist me with this injection order?
  2. I make petite cubicles joy.
  3. I would be blessed to be your human resource.
  4. You won’t be needing an expense report tonight.
  5. I would like to put your consulting expertise to good use.
  6. Are you interested in managing my account?
  7. I’d like to make you my feature PowerPoint presentation.
  8. Can you help me figure out my operating system?
  9. Where else can you employ that analytical capability?
  10. Hard cover briefcases are so much better.
  11. Your eyes are as intriguing as a good biz dev strategy.
  12. My account is totally receivable.
  13. Let’s get out from under this fluorescent lighting and find somewhere more convenient.
  14. I can tell you’re a team player.
  15. If we went on a date, what do you think our profit and loss would be?
  16. I don’t believe in automation, I am all mitts on.
  17. Your customer interface is epic.
  18. I would wager that two self-starters like ourselves would have a good time together.
  19. Is that low-hanging fruit or are you just glad to see me?
  20. You don’t need a high level of core competency to know that you’re a catch.
  21. Let’s give you a abilities analysis.
  22. Any chance you’d be interested in drilling down with me?
  23. I don’t think you and I will need any troubleshooting.
  24. You’ve been running through my invoices all night.
  25. I was thinking about you during that entire conference call.
  26. I’m not into cold-call sales, but I’d love to have your number.
  27. Can I see the inwards of your cubicle?
  28. Who needs a financial analysis when I know exactly where to put my money.
  29. Forecasting is for people who can’t live in the moment.
  30. Instead of all these policies and procedures, let’s visit the idea of free will.
  31. Enterprise this.
  32. Want to play a little document distribution de-robe poker?
  33. All this corporate providing is getting me hot under the collar-you?
  34. There’s nothing like a little file maintenance to keep you on your toes.
  35. All this problem solving has me wanting to create problems.
  36. Let’s do this, but in real time.
  37. Your methodology is so slick and deliberate.
  38. Realizing we’re working on a timeline, how much time do we have to get to know each other?
  39. The best part of this acquisition is you.
  40. In all the power meetings I’ve ever been to, this room is one of the best…for real, it’s hot.
  41. Don’t feel like you have to go this alone, we can tag team.
  42. Should we debrief?
  43. Spectacle evaluations are my beloved day of the year.
  44. I am feeling this burn rate in many places.
  45. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, “Am I a profit or a loss?” Now which one are you?
  46. Now, when you say “team building retreats,” what does that mean to you?
  47. Risk management just sounds like something so clandestine!
  48. You say accelerated growth, I just say hot.
  49. You say there is little margin for errors but I disagree.
  50. The very first time I spotted you, there was only word that came to mind-benchmark.

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Five ways your kid can talk to Santa this Christmas – Today – s Parent

Five ways your kid can talk to Santa this Christmas

By Kevin John Siazon | Nov 30, 2016

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again, and for families who feast Christmas, the kids are very likely already counting down the days until Santa brings presents to those on his nice list. Before he can do that, tho’, he has to know what your kids want. Read more

Five Facebook Messenger Extensions For Google Chrome

five Facebook Messenger Extensions For Google Chrome

Here’s a list of Five Facebook messenger extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to improve your Facebook messenger practice. You might not know this, but with messenger extensions and apps available at the Google Web store, it’s possible to do everything from switching the way that Facebook messenger looks like to using it without even having Facebook open. Read more

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