Yahoo Messenger for Mobile to Get Movie Talk

Yahoo Messenger for Mobile to Get Movie Talk

If you have to give credit to Apple for one thing, it would be their penchant for legitimizing fringe technologies. They did it very first with the iPad, creating a viable market for tablet computers. The introduction of FaceTime for iPhone seems to be doing the same thing for the movie talk industry. Kind of a shame, considering the HTC EVO 4G strike the front-facing camera of the iPhone to market and permitted for pretty much the same functionality. Anyway, more and more companies are moving towards movie talk in their mobile platforms, and Yahoo plans to join them with the inclusion of the functionality in an upcoming release of their Messenger app for mobile.

Yahoo Messenger has advantages in some key areas over FaceTime however, including the capability to place movie calls over WiFi and 3G. Users can also use the service to call cross-platform. A PC can movie call up an Android handset, an Android user can movie talk with an iPhone user, or any arrangement of devices.

No definitive release date is given for Yahoo Messenger with movie talk, but we should be eyeing it pretty soon. Stay tuned.

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