WhatsApp is not Working or Slow?

WhatsApp is not Working or Slow?

You could be getting this error: “Unfortunately WhatsApp has stopped”. Sometimes what happens is a user click on WhatsApp icon it opens and all of a sudden comes out of that application. There could be numerous reasons for why your WhatsApp is not working. Below are the factors and solutions which could resolve WhatsApp crashing issue and make your WhatsApp swifter.


The very first factor that could be the reason for your WhatsApp is not working is the WhatsApp messages itself. Sometimes it happens that when in your WhatsApp a lot of messages get stored, it takes a lot of time to process and open your WhatsApp. Attempt to delete some of the talks that are not significant to you.


With so much texting happens over the WhatsApp daily, lots of data get stored. Attempt navigating to the Application Manager and clear the cache and data stored. Hope this will resolve WhatsApp slow or dangling issue.

Switch/Off and Switch On

Many times WhatsApp also suspends because the device needs a reboot. So switch off your device for a few seconds and then switch on, it refreshes the device, clear the cache and the RAM. It’s recommended that you should switch off and switch on the device once a week.


If you have switched your SIM card on your phone, then WhatsApp will not work. WhatsApp works only one number per device. Insert your old SIM card to make it work else uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall & register it with a fresh number.


WhatsApp crashes on startup in Android if you have not updated it to the latest Android version. Also look for the WhatsApp update, if it’s available than update your WhatsApp.


RAM could be the factor if your WhatsApp is not working. Check the RAM on your device, you might be running many apps that are consuming space of your RAM. Attempt to kill unnecessary apps or uninstall intense apps.


If any of the above tips not worked for you then you can attempt this one to get rid of the WhatsApp draping issue. Attempt to uninstall WhatsApp from your phone and then re-install it and if possible don’t stream the backup of conversations to your phone.

Hope the above tips helped you in resolving the “WhatsApp is not working” issue. You can perform the above tips also to get rid of the slow WhatsApp problem and make it swifter & sleek.

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