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Este plugin no se ha actualizado en más de two años. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.


123FlashChat is the leading talk server software since 2003, trusted by 400,000 websites! Powerful but effortless.

It can be lightly added to all CMS/Forum/Blog Systems: WordPress, Joomla!, Skadate, phpBB, vBulletin… numerous skins and single sign-on.

Two modes: the enormously ordinary lite client based on HTML can be embedded to the WordPress sidebar, or the Flash client can popup from a talk link.

Once the talk plugin is successfully installed, a free hosted talk with numerous skins and single sign-on will be assigned to your WordPress.

Regular Audio/movie mode and PPM/PPV mode are both supported and you can choose either one.

Features & Benefits

  • Supple Layout: Add talk room to post or page, for topic-related communication.
  • Customize size: Switch talk width and height.
  • Switch skin, Nine skins are available to fit in your blog.
  • Switch interface language.
  • Admin Panel: Switch room name, define open mode and talk room size, and get the talk code for your WordPress.
  • Social connect features: social sign-on, linking, sharing, Facebook talk, tweet talk and go after a Twitter user. Fresh!
  • Luxurious talk features: Lobby and private talk, Avatar, smilies, flash emotions, post-notifier, etc.
  • Free hosted talk available.
  • Optional movie talk for paid users.
  • Professional support staff for paid talk hosting user or license buyer.

What’s Fresh

  • WordPress talk module is compatible with the latest wordpress Three.9.x.
  • Bunny Emotions: There is a fresh set of bunny emotions added in the fresh version of one hundred twenty three Flash Talk, very lovely and funny.
  • 123 Flash Talk V10.0: This is a fresh version which greatly enhanced user practice; There are sixteen skins and sixty smileys now and it is undoubtedly eye catching!
  • Palm Raising Function: Talk admins can activate this fresh feature so that users will need to apply to be in the list to publish his movie. This is the most effective way to trigger your user’s stir to consume within the talk. You can set the criteria, such as the credits possessed/earned, sofa bid, virtual gifts sent but all lead to one ultimate aim, more participation in the talk and increase in business and revenue.
  • PPM/PPV: Credits service has been introduced, users can earn money with the application of the module.
  • Movie Conference: Numerous movie windows will automatically display at top, this is especially ideal for virtual conference, webinar, talk community, social network, etc.
  • Membership Upgrade: Users hierarchy is enabled with standard, plus, premium and VIP members and each level will have different privileges.
  • Mobile app: A downloadable application for one hundred twenty three Flash Talk users can love the talk on their iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • Clearing of the Screen: Admin can clear screen for all users with the HTML5 client since V10.0.
  • HTML5 Client: It works beautifully on PC,Iphone and Android systems with a quicker loading speed and high quality of movie.

[Movie Talk Introduction] (

  • Demo site:
  • Download link:
  • Apply Hosting:

Where can I find more info or support


  • Screenshot of the talk room.
  • Screenshot of the settings panel.


upload 123flashchat folder to your blog folder: /wp-content/plugins/

In the admin panel, find Plugins->Plugins,click it, active one hundred twenty three Flash Talk.

Trio.Add to sidebar:

In the admin Panel, find Appearance->Widgets, click it, and then stir “123 Flash Talk Sider” to Main Siderbar Area, or other area you want.

If you don’t like the widgets, just overlook this step, you can directly choose the integration settings as described listed below step four or step Five.

Four.Add an embeded talk room to your page or post:

1) Pages -> Add Fresh, or Post -> Add Fresh

Two) Set the title: “Talk” or anything you want.

Three) Content(Set the editor to “HTML” mode, not the “Visual” mode, and insert the below html code):

Five.Add a popup fullscreen talk room link in your top menu:

1) Appearance -> Menus

Two) Select your Primary Menu, if you don’t have, just create a Primary Menu very first.

Three) Click the “+”, inject the Menu Name, like “Talk” or anything you want.

Four) Custom-built Links -> URL, please set the value:

(1) Find “123FlashChat” at the left navigation-> Talk Settings.

About the “Talk Server Mode”, by default, it’s “Talk Server Host By one hundred twenty three Flash Talk For Free”, it’s for testing the basic functions.

If you want to get the total functions and utter control your talk room, please select the mode one or Two:

“Talk Server Host by Own” or “Talk Server Host By one hundred twenty three Flash Talk”

(Two) Configure and save the Settings.

7.Integrate your talk with WordPress user database

If you set wordpress “Anyone can register”, and you have a member system, you may let your members automatic login to the talk room, then you should integrate the talk with wordpress user database, otherwise, just overlook this step, and 123FlashChat has a member system, you can also set guest only if you like.

Note: For those who choose running talk on mode one or Two, database integration is can be done.

Please go after the instructions listed below.

1). 123FlashChat -> Admin Panel, Log in the Admin Panel of your 123FlashChat server or hosted talk using talk admin account.

OPEN: Server Settings-> Integration

Two). For DataBase, SELECT: URL, and click “edit”

Three). Switch URL to:

Four). Press OK to save the setting.

Preguntas frecuentes


If I could give it a ZERO I would!!

We paid $1300.00 for this software and after less than thirty days, we driven near crazy by their lack of care. Do yourself a favor and AVOID this company.

Be VERY careful of buying from this company. While the product is ok, the support will make you almost insane.

This company has the very worse support I have EVER experienced. At times, I would be down for WEEKS before they would get around to fixing things.

Each and every support ticket, no matter if you say normal or critical, is responded to in the same manner. 99% of the time, they never understand what you want or care and simply ask for utter admin access to your server.

If you run a taut ship, be ready to give that up because they will want utter access to your server and will never tell you what they immovable.

Even lil’ fixes such as adding one single line will cost you $200.00 if it is something that they will not tell you about.

Forums are a accomplish joke and most of the time is packed with spam. If someone does react, they never give you an response because they don’t want anyone to know anything so that they can keep charging you extra support money.

By the way, their software does NOT permit you to use a NAT address. You actually have to use a real public IP in order to get all of the features to work. That alone was a nightmare for us.

PS: They do mighty marketing such as making sure that they have positive reviews by fake users as well so do your research, join their forums, ask around before you get sucked into the marketing BS.

Colaboradores y desarrolladores

“Movie Talk Plugin for one hundred twenty three Flash Talk” es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.

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