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Sexual attraction: What’s the difference inbetween romantic attraction and sexual attraction?

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November 27th, two thousand fourteen 1:04am

Sexual attraction is typically defined as a pull or allure toward a specific person in which you wish to partake in sexual activities with them. It’s looking at a person and having a feeling that makes you think "I’d like to have hook-up with them." Romantic attraction, on the other palm, is typically defined as a similar pull or allure toward a specific person, but instead of a sexual desire, it’s a romantic desire. It’s when you look at someone and have a feeling that makes you think "I’d like to do romantic things with them." What those romantic things entail depends on the person. For some, it may be dates, dinners, holding palms, and cuddling. Others may include smooching with that. Others may not like anything that involves touching. Whatever activities, thoughts, and feelings you think of when you consider what is "romantic," those are what you’d think about, feel toward, and want to do with someone you are romantically attracted to.

November 29th, two thousand fourteen 8:37am

Sexual attraction is having feelings of a sexual nature – you would like to have a sexual relation with this person – either in real life, or in fantasy. Romantic attraction is having feelings of a romantic, but not sexual, nature. It’s perhaps wanting to smooch, cuddle, but maybe even less physical things like say I love you and go on dates and do the emotional-caring part of a relationship but not necessarily with the physical parts of a relationship. Often, sexual attraction and romantic attraction happen at the same time, but not always. Sometimes people are only sexually attracted to a person, or only romantically attracted.

July 25th, two thousand fifteen Five:04pm

People often speak of the two as if they’re the same thing, or as if they always come together, but the reality is that they are two separate things. Romantic attraction is what we tend to think of as "love" – you feel a strong emotional connection to a person and want to spend time alone in their company. Sometimes it is accompanied by sexual attraction, which is where you want to engage in physical (sexual) contact with that person. Sexual attraction doesn’t have to be accompanied by romantic attraction or visa versa. Some people feel both, or one, or neither. This movie explains some of the different ways that human sexiness and identity can be divided into its distinct aspects:

November 27th, two thousand fourteen 9:26pm

Romantic attraction is when you would like to develop a romantic relationship. A sexual attraction is when you want to develop a sexual relationship

December 4th, two thousand fourteen 7:21am

Well, this is a very difficult response. I’m sorry for the wall of text: Romantic attraction can be downright platonic in nature. There can be no trace of sexiness in it. A gay man can feel it for a straight chick. It can be anything from spiritual, intellectual, emotional. Of course it can encompass all of them, and also be sexual. But they are not necessarily inclusive, and they are not mutually special. At the same time, sexual attraction can be purely physical. It’s my opionion, of course, but I don’t believe they have to overlap. I believe someone can have a sexual relationship with somebody without that marring or hurting an emotional relationship they have with someone else. I don’t believe it’s cheating, as long as everything is talked about from the beginning and they go through the basic notions of what it’s to be expected of each other. Of course, if there isn’t an explicit agreement, and you hide from your SO that you’re having sexual relationships, even if you consider them to be meaningless, then it’d be wrong, it’d be cheating. I believe in honesty and total disclosure. Everything else is 2nd to that.

Romantic attraction.

December 21st, two thousand fourteen 7:18pm

Sexual orientation: Orientation of genders to which one practices sexual (erotic) attraction usually voiced with sexual interactions, fantasy, fervor, and stimulation. Romantic orientation: Orientations of genders to which one practices romantic (love) attraction voiced by interpersonal bonding, relationship-building, and emotion.

November 26th, two thousand fourteen 11:10pm

Romantic attraction deals with trust and respect on an emotional level. You feel supported and cared for and do the same for your fucking partner.

June 28th, two thousand fifteen Two:06am

Sexual attraction comes very first. You want to touch that person, feel their presence, smooch them and so on. Their bod excites you, their looks attract you. Romantic attraction needs time – once you get to know the person, the way they say something, the look they have in their eye when they talk about their passion, and how all that makes you smile – now, that’s romantic attraction 🙂

August 1st, two thousand fifteen 7:21am

Sexual attraction is just when you are interested in somebodys bod, or the touch/feel of their figure. Romantic is when you’re together you seem like nothing else is real, and when you’re alone you want them so badly it drives you mad

November 27th, two thousand fourteen 12:59am

Romantic is where you feel emotionally connected to someone and want a relationship, sexual is about hookup.

January 5th, two thousand fifteen Five:30am

A romantic attraction is when you feel an inclination or allure to do romantic things with a person, while sexual attraction refers to a pull or allure to do sexual activities/things with another. The parameters of what’s romantic and what’s sexual might depend largely on the person. for example for some smooching someone on the mouth might be romantic while for another that could be sexual. For some people, these two orientations go arm in forearm (as someone being bisexual is also biromantic) but for someone that practice this attraction differently they might explain it a little more nine some examples might be a panromantic asexual or a biromantic homosexual, etc.).

December 7th, two thousand fourteen 11:18pm

Romantic attraction is wanting be romantically involved with a person without lovemaking or anything sexual being a factor. Sexual attraction is based solely on if you would have hook-up or any sort of sexual encounter with someone.

July 15th, two thousand fifteen Five:54pm

Romantic attraction is the deep intimate feeling that you indeed like this person for their soul, spirit, heart and mind. This is the attraction that has you thinking about the person for hours and all the time practically. The one that gives you butterflies. While sexual attraction, is that tingly feeling you get in your lower regions when you think of them and the fact that you can’t stop thinking of their bod in a sexual manner.

June 27th, two thousand fifteen Four:51pm

This is a truly good question! I think a lot of people seem to have their own specific definition of the two terms, so here’s my own: -Romantic attraction is the more "emotional" attraction. It is feeling attracted to a person in a way where you love spending time with someone, and want to form a close, intimate relationship with them. It’s looking -Sexual attraction is more about wanting to have hook-up with a person. You can certainly have indeed romantic, emotional hook-up, but sexual attraction alone is more about the physical components to a relationship, and not the individual parts. Romantic attraction is the love and sexual attraction is the fervor in a relationship. They can be intertwined, or someone could only feel one type of attraction. It can also be more gender specific. So, one could identify as being attracted romantically to both masculines and females, but only be attracted sexually to one of those genders.

April 22nd, two thousand fifteen 6:22pm

Romantic attraction is the emotional side — the warm, fuzzy feeling their personality, quirks, and snuggles give you. Sexual attraction is generally more physical.

August 12th, two thousand fifteen Five:21am

Physical invasion is hook-up, which is a very superficial thing. Psychological invasion is love, which is far more deep, far more significant, far more beautiful, far more human. And then there is a third kind of invasion: when two consciousnesses meet, merge, and melt into each other. -Osho

July 26th, two thousand fifteen Four:04pm

Romantic attraction and sexual attraction are two very different things. Usually romantic attractions thrilled after you begin getting to know the person because by then you already know about their personalities, what they do, how they react to deeds, and mainly how they are acting towards you. However, sexual attraction on the other arm grows when you are attracted to the person because of their physical qualities. You are attracted only by looking the person physically without even knowing who they are inwards. Basically when you are only attracted to the physical appearance, you got the desire to get to know this person and be with them so you can admire those physical qualities closer. I mean, if you don’t have any prior skill about this person, how can you know how you are feeling when you are around them or how they are going to act around you? Romantic attraction certainly got something to do with wanting to be attracted back by the same person, and sexual attraction got something to do by wanting to have physical contacts with the person because they got your attention by that particular physical appearance that made you feel enthusiasm. You’ll know when you’re attracted to a person only sexually when you can just leave behind about them in a brief time period. But you know you are attracted to a person romantically when it’s hard for you to get over them, knowing that there’s a chance that somebody else could make them smile other than you, or when you are permanently worrying about their being.

April 8th, two thousand fifteen Five:39pm

Romantic attraction is a social construct, sexual attraction is an instinct that ensures the continuation of the human race. One might be romantically attracted to the idea of a financially secure and generous person, even if sexual attraction is not there. One might be sexually attracted to somebody, generally due to individual physical attributes considered attractive, regardless of any romantic aspects. Tho’ different, they amount to fundamentally similar outcome: the human instinct to sustain and and have healthy offspring.

June 14th, two thousand sixteen Trio:30am

Me and my best friend have been friends for three years. and recently we have been spending a lot more time texting and observing each other. we have spent the night together twice which was superb but he is not physically attractive to me but he is sweet. kind. indeed cares for me and i feel like he knows everything about me and me him which makes me indeed trust him. Can you spend the rest of your life with someone who u dont find them physically attractive?

July 31st, two thousand fifteen 9:49pm

Romantic attraction is when you feel an emotional connection with those who you like/love. You want to be in a close relationship and step by step become more intimate over time. Sexual attraction is when you let your figure take over with the hormones and you feel zeal over love.

August 2nd, two thousand fifteen Ten:36pm

A romantic attraction is feelings of long term relationships that want to spend time together and share the truth about their relationship. A sexual attraction, means that you find the person attractive, and very appealing to have a sexual relationship. Sexual relationships tend to not become public as often as romantic relationships do. Also another big difference, is in romantic, you want to spend more time with each other rather then a sexual relationship one night stand.

August 12th, two thousand fifteen Five:46pm

I believe that when you are romantically attracted by someone, you indeed care for that person, you want to know them better and to attempt to understand their feelings. You want to commit to that person, to be with them in happiness and in sadness also, you feel the need to mean something to them, to cherish and be cherished. While sexual attraction means that you only find this person physically attractive, you are willing to have a sexual relation with them, but nothing more.

June 25th, two thousand fifteen 8:10am

Simply put, sexual attraction is the desire to have lovemaking with a someone; it can be an instant desire upon observing them or a more gradual one that develops over time, but in the end the base desire is for lovemaking with that person. Those feelings might be described with words like ‘flamy’, ‘searing’, etc. Romantic attraction is a desire for whatever you perceive is a romantic relationship with a specific person. It can also be instant or more gradual. These feelings may be referred to as the ‘warm fuzzies’, or similar ideas to do with warmth, protectiveness, and closeness.

August 6th, two thousand fifteen Four:15pm

Sexual attraction is the pull you feel from your internal hips while romantic attraction is the pull you feel from the bottom of your heart.

June 27th, two thousand fifteen 9:45pm

With romantic attraction, you care what the person thinks about you even if you have no hope of getting together with them.

July 24th, two thousand fifteen 9:58pm

Sexual attraction is something defined as being a general biological ‘lure’ to someone, whereas a romantic attraction is more of a ‘concept’ in the sense that it is a desire for a relationship and the aspects that accompany relationships.

July 25th, two thousand fifteen Three:52am

Romantic Attraction: Attraction to have what is considered to be a romantic relationship. Things such as dates would be desired of people you feel romantically towards. Sexual Attraction: Attraction with the desire to have hookup with another. This is usually based on physical attraction.

August 16th, two thousand fifteen 9:33pm

Romantic attraction and infatuation is all about bonding and connection. Connection can be neglected, grow stale and die off, or it can be focused on and amped up. while sexual attraction is polarity. Light and dark, masculine and womanish.

June 19th, two thousand fifteen Two:44am

Romantic attraction can seem more guiltless, it’s more about wanting to spend time with someone or getting to know them better. Sexual attraction is unspoiled eagerness, and without the feelings of romantic attraction.

December 25th, two thousand fifteen 9:14pm

Romantic attraction is when you actually love that certain person. You want to hug them, hold them, and just spend the rest of your life with them. Sexual attraction is when you simply want to have an intercourse with that person.

March 31st, two thousand sixteen Two:46pm

In my private practice, romantic attraction has meant a strong feeling of love, connection, and a longing to grow together. A desire for emotional intimity. Sexual attraction for me is excitement, curiosity, a joy energy, freedom. I feel romantic attraction when I witness goodness, compassion, and humanity in a person. I feel sexually attracted when I witness that person feeling certain, having joy, or shining in their own element.

June 19th, two thousand fifteen Four:18am

Sexual attraction occurs when you are undoubtedly physically attracted to a person, however there are no emotional responses towards that person . A romantic attraction, the emotional responses and possible bonds are present.

August 1st, two thousand fifteen Five:30pm

Romantic Attraction is attraction towards a person’s EVERYTHING. Their flaws, their negative and positive attributes, their personality(may it be good, bad or both) THEIR EVERYTHING. You want their attention and time. Sexual Attraction is attraction towards a person’s figure. The thing you usually want from them is sexual activities and it completes there.

August 8th, two thousand fifteen Ten:39am

– Romantic attraction: This is emotional, a result of desires for a romantic relationship with the one they feel attracted to. One can have romantic attraction towards someone without practices sexual attraction. – Sexual attraction: Feeling physically attracted to someone, having the desire to have sexual interactions with this person.

August 13th, two thousand fifteen 8:37pm

Romantic attraction means you love everything about the signifiant other, from personality to looks. Sexual attraction means you only love what you see with your eyes or the sexual plesure they might suggest you.

September 21st, two thousand fifteen 12:17pm

Well from practice I can tell you that the two are very different. A romantic attraction is when you are attracted to the person because of their personality, you are head over high-heeled shoes for the person and you uncommonly daydream about them sexually. Now a sexual attraction is when you only imagine the person as a hookup fucktoy. That feeling you get when they are shirtless. You permanently daydream about them sexually.

July 9th, two thousand fifteen Five:14pm

Romantic attraction can be defined by the way you feel about someone emotionally, usually influenced by how they act around you and treat you – e.g. you are attracted to him/her because of his/her qualities like graciousness, generosity, genuineness, humility etc. You become attracted to the person because of who he/she is, how they treat you and how you feel around them. Sexual attraction on the other forearm, albeit affected by the way someone acts around you and treats you, is very dependent on psychological inborn factors determining what you find physically attractive and the chemistry inbetween two people. You want to express yourself sexually based on these things – and for many, they can’t identify what determines who they are sexually attracted to.

July 29th, two thousand fifteen Four:55pm

Romantic attraction is when you can feel in love with a person but without feeling attracted to them physically – like not wanting to have hook-up. Sexual attraction is when you’re attracted to someone and their assets – like you would want to have lovemaking with them.

July 31st, two thousand fifteen Five:44pm

A romantic attraction is all about the person you’re with. You can adore that person because of their mind, personality, just who they are. Where as an sexual attraction is more about their appearance. Often a sexual attraction is someone you would want to have hookup with, someone who sexually attracts you. However an romantic attraction is all about the company of that person, you don’t feel a need to be sexual with them.

August 9th, two thousand fifteen 6:10pm

Romantic attraction is when you feel attracted to a person for their personality or their romantic ideas. Sexual attraction is when you feel attracted to a person for their looks or how they are physically.

August 14th, two thousand fifteen 11:24am

Sexual attraction is when a person desires to have a sexual intercouse with another person. Eg."Do I wanna have hookup with them?" Romantic attraction is when a person has romatic feelings for another person (love them, like them but not fairly there yet. ). Eg."Do I want to spend the rest of my life with them?"

January 25th, two thousand sixteen Five:43am

Sexual attraction is primal. Its purely what your assets wants. Romance appeals to the mind and the assets.

February 3rd, two thousand sixteen Three:48am

romantic attraction means you guys can netflix and chill together, do ditzy activities and share similar interests.

February 5th, two thousand sixteen 11:37pm

With romantic attraction, you don’t want to have hook-up with the other person. You might not be physically attracted to them at all. Sometimes it is purely the personality that you love. Romantic attraction doesn’t have to be with the same hook-up you are sexually attracted to either.

June 18th, two thousand fifteen 9:21pm

Sexual attraction is purely physical. It’s when you want someone only to fulfill your primary needs and feel pleased. Romantic attraction, however, is a feeling where not only you feel physical attraction, but you seek convenience and belonging and you want to share your thoughts on unimportant subjects just so you could spend more time with other person. That being said, romantic attraction doesn’t have to be followed by sexual, or other way around.

June 18th, two thousand fifteen 11:03pm

For me the difference has always been whether it is a emotional/mental attraction – romantic- or a physical attraction – sexual. Not to say that they can’t coexist but there for me is the actual physical reaction and the mental one.

July 26th, two thousand fifteen 8:10am

Romantic is someone you see in a loving way, you can lightly love this person with there being anything sexual about it. Sexual attraction is when you find someone sexy and you would desire to have hook-up with them.ex. I am bisexual romantic, I can lightly love a boy or a dame. But I am hetero sexual. Which means tho’ I can love women and boys I only have sexual desires attractions to boys

July 30th, two thousand fifteen 12:35am

In a romantic attraction there is less selfishness and more sacrificial feelings involved. The basic attraction is towards things other than physical attraction , versus sexual attraction that the desire is solely based on physical pleasure.

July 30th, two thousand fifteen 6:39am

Romantic attraction is wanting to date someone. To hold their arm, pick their brain, take them on dates Sexual attraction is having a enthusiasm for someone. Wanting to smooch them, etc.

July 30th, two thousand fifteen 7:31pm

I would say sexual attraction is more like, you feel you like a person for their look and so on, whilst romantic attraction can be seen as something deeper, it is also about a persons personality, and simply just the way you are.

July 30th, two thousand fifteen Ten:03pm

Sexual Attraction is about the appereance of someone, is something superficial but natural. Romantic attraction is more about what the person truly is and means to you – their deeds. And how you feel around them, like wishing to make that person glad and have them around you.

July 31st, two thousand fifteen 7:57am

Sexual: mainly physical and hook-up related attraction. Romantic: mainly emotional and/or personality based attraction.

August 12th, two thousand fifteen 12:39am

Sexual attraction is not necessary for a person to be healthy. . their sexiness falls somewhere on the spectrum of sexiness inbetween asexuality and sexiness

August 15th, two thousand fifteen Five:47am

Romantic attraction is wanting someone for the chance to know them as a person, find out what makes them tick. Sexual attraction is the purely instinctual desire to have sexual relations with someone. The relationship is not necessarily significant.

August 16th, two thousand fifteen 6:43pm

Sexual attraction is a desire to be physically intimate with someone, whereas romantic attraction is a desire to be emotionally intimate with someone. As these are different practices, romantic and sexual attraction may or may not correspond with one another, for example – one could be sexually attracted to fellows and women, but only romantically attracted to women.

December 16th, two thousand fifteen Four:01pm

That is a very lean line in all honesty. Caring about what your emotions feel and not just enthusiasm is romantic. passion and desire of that person’s physique is sexual.

July 31st, two thousand fifteen 1:00am

Sexual attraction is when you feel physically attracted to someone, meantime romantic is when you feel emotionally attracted to someone. Romantic attraction deals more with being in love with someone. Sexual is more about physically wanting someone.

August 9th, two thousand fifteen 1:45am

Romantic attraction is defined by the romantic attraction you have, and sexual attraction is defined by the sexual attraction you have. For example, an asexual could be romantically attracted to only people they have strong emotional bonds with, ie demiromantic. But a pansexual could be aromantic, meaning they feel sexual attraction to all genders, but no romantic attraction at all.

August 16th, two thousand fifteen 8:53am

What’s the difference inbetween asexual and homo/hetro/pan/bisexual? Romantic attraction and sexual attraction. Sexual attraction is when you feel the urge to have sexual relations when you are attracted to a particular person. While romantic will just mean that you would like to stay by the person you are attracted to, with no thought of having sexual relations with them

December 17th, two thousand fifteen 11:37am

Romantic attraction is maybe when you’d see yourself with someone holding arms or hugging and sexually attracted to someone is if you picture the two of you alone it escalates fairly quickly and you find yourself fantasizing about them and imagine yourself doing stuff sexually with them.

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