Salesforce announces movie talk

Salesforce announces movie talk

Salesforce recently announced that they will be introducing an “SOS Button.” Clearly inspired by Amazon’s Mayday Button, the SOS Button permits Salesforce’s enterprise users to suggest mobile app support in the form of quick-response movie talk with helpdesk agents.

Some bigshot Salesforce users (, American Express’s Inspirato vacation service) are evidently already deploying a beta version of the feature, technically called the Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS (woh!). Eventually, Salesforce will be selling the capability to all of their enterprise accounts, permitting them to implement the button on any mobile app using Platform APIs provided by the CRM giant. Just like the Mayday button, the SOS Button will include not only “personal assistant”-like movie talk, but the capability for agents to see a mirror pic of a user’s screen and “draw” on that screen in a helpful manner.

Why are we telling you about Salesforce’s fresh (and not even publicly released yet) SOS button when ClickDesk already includes movie capabilities for all of our users for free? For two good reasons!

1. Big, increasingly cloud-oriented companies like Salesforce and Amazon are trendsetters, even if they don’t necessarily come up with the trends. Amazon’s controversial visionary Jeff Bezos is right when he says that his company is “reinventing normal,” and companies such as Salesforce and Amazon have so many dedicated users that once something like quick-response movie talk with helpdesk agents becomes 2nd nature to those users, they’ll be expecting it from all forward-thinking businesses and affixing high value to any SMB that offers it. By using ClickDesk, you will already be in the lead!

Two. We were serious when we wrote about how Amazon’s introduction of the Mayday button was a true game-changer. The power of the visual element in human communication cannot be over-estimated!

ClickDesk believes in lean startups and wise scaling. We want you to connect with your users using our innovative, no-installation movie talk functionality, but not before you’re ready. Salesforce’s SOS Button is a fine idea, but if their enterprise customers implement it without the right infrastructure and training, utter chaos will descend upon the earth! Okay, that might be a little extreme, but we couldn’t stand against a little apocalyptic humor. More likely what will happen is that a number of enterprises will embark to implement Salesforce’s SOS Button for their mobile customers, customers will love it, and you’ll be glad that your business was already up and running with ClickDesk’s awesome movie talk feature, because customers will have come to expect it and rely on it.

Random side note: According to Bezos, Amazon’s Mayday agents (he calls them “tech advisors”) have already received thirty five marriage proposals from customers! Have your agents had a similar practice with ClickDesk’s movie talk option? (We hope movie has been successful, but more in terms of driving business than marrying off agents…)

Questions? Let us know. Learn more about our movie talk functionality here.

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