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How To Use Kik Messenger Online Without Downloading

It is very interesting to know about the fresh things which we can do in the app or through the app. I am also very anxious to know these things. This article is about one of the apps and a very fresh and arousing thing about this app. We all know about Kik messenger and have used it. Commonly known as Kik it is an instant messenger software application used to send messages, photos, movies and works on secure internet connection. The main thing that adds to its popularity is the user anonymity, i.e it keeps the records of the user confidential. However, this key feature is the degrading point of this feature and due to this feature only it has faced many controversies. But still, it is the main point of attraction that makes it different from other messaging features. While registering for Kik, it only asks you to inject your name, date of birth and e-mail address. It never asks you to inject your phone number and this is the key feature that makes it different.

Before learning how to run KIK app on PC/mac, let’s know who begin Kik app.

WHO Embarked KIK APP?

It is very interesting to note that this app was began by a group of students of the University of Canada in two thousand nine and was released on October Nineteen, 2010. Today it is one of the most trusted apps in sending texts, photos, movies. Today, almost three hundred billion users are using this app. Kik has added freshly promoted talks which use bots to converse with other people. Bot basically means a conversation in which are doing something without talking with that person. Suppose you are ordering food, then you directly order from a particular food website without talking to a particular person. Kik permits us to send as many messages without worrying about the phone bills. The other feature about this app is that it can run on any device whether it is Android or Mac. In two thousand fourteen kik along with the interaction of Sony Music got the smarties award for the Song One direction.


Have you ever thought of using Kik online without downloading on PC? I also never thought that we can do so, but after meeting with one of my friends I got to know about using Kik online without downloading its app. So here I am here with this article that would tell you about this. But very first of all, we have to know what is Kik online login and how it can be done? Do you know about Manymo? .No? Well, It is an android emulator that permits the user to use any app through their online services. However, to use Many ones must download and sign up to access Kik messaging online. This android emulator is free and after downloading it we can directly access the Kik messaging app. But before this, very first of all, we must download the Kik messaging app file. After we have downloaded the apk file, we have to sign up for Manymo using the username and password. The downloaded apk is uploaded in the emulator and then click on launch app button. Now you are ready to use this messaging app.

There are some other emulators through which you can access Kik messaging. Bluestack and Android are some of the trusted emulators, but the most trusted are Android. Very first of all, we will download Android and after downloading we will install the emulator on our device. It will ask you to go after the instructions and then accept the permission. After we have accepted the permission, then we have to login into our Google account. As we have a login, our account will be synced and then we can lightly download and install this messaging app.

The Kik messaging is unique from another messaging app as it doesn’t charge anything from the user. We can connect to anyone across the globe, and it contains many interactive features for the users. Kik supports many social platforms which mean we can lightly share photos and movies through Facebook, Instagram.

In MAC one cannot use the emulator like Android, Bluestack for using Kik app. Manymo is the emulator through which we can access to Kik messaging app. However, we have on other way, and that is to download Windows on MAC through Bootcamp. One must also have a Windows install disk to download Windows on MAC.

Presently, Livingston is the CEO of Kik. Now it competes with Facebook and other social networking sites. In two thousand five he along with some other students of the University of Waterloo created this app.



The best feature of this app is anonymity, which means it keeps and the record of the user confidential. Also while registering it doesn’t ask for a phone number which makes it unique from any other app.


The technology that this app is using is XMPP.


Kik messaging app is designed for the mobile platforms and is different from the desktop platform. However one can also run the app on PC by downloading emulators.There are many emulators which can bear useful, and they are Android, Bluestacks and much more.


Well, the reaction is no. It is a text messaging app which is used to send texts, photos, and movies through this app. However, there are many apps through which we can do movie talk, and they are Whatsapp, Skype.

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