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Red5 Hosting

Red5 media server hosting is and affordable alternative to expensive streaming servers.

Premium R hosting plans include both web hosting (with PHP, MySQL, CPanel) and RTMP server configured for plain live movie streaming.

– automated installation for a broad range of scripts including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Elgg, Dolphin, various classifieds/support desk/gallery/forum/shopping cart scripts

FFMPEG (from svn) conversions, mplayer, mencoder, flvtool2, yamdi; including codecs: x264, speex, nellymoser, theora, mp3lame, vorbis, ogg, faac, faad2, xvid & other codecs/devices on request; for more functionality including live movie archiving and HLS/MPEG-DASH live produce, see our Wowza plans

Included bandwidth can be used for rtmp hosting or web hosting or both. Plans can be used for rtmp only without pointing a domain (with the dedicated ip).

(within allocated resources)

(from high quality network data centers in North America)

(get two months per year free)

  • Hosting plans don’t include VideoWhisper software license – this must be ordered separately to run software in utter mode.
  • Please permit a duo of working days for setup because setup is human based and involves numerous steps for setting up managed rtmp hosting services.
  • Subscriptions are billed automatically until cancelled. Subscriptions can be cancelled anytime from the billing processor. If you want to terminate your plan make sure you cancel subscription before billing date because already allocated server resources will not be refunded.
  • Red5 plans are recommended for web based live streaming and movie talk.
  • Red5 plans are NOT suitable for:
    • Recording or Archiving
    • Distribution other devices like: iOS, Android, IPTV

    For such usage see Wowza Media Server hosting plans.

Wowza Streaming Engine is advertised to support quality recordings, production mode spectacle and reliability on sites with intense streaming.

Premium R plans (R1, R3, R4) can also be setup with Wowza but only with plain videochat configuration (no archiving or mobile delivery) – for utter functionality switch to Wowza plans.

On request, RTMP application can be installed on Red5 or Wowza as chosen.

A Wowza Streaming Engine license is used on the server to run it in total mode – no extra fees apply. For production sites also see Wowza Streaming Engine hosting plans.

  • Red5 Media Server hosting:
    • For most affordable streaming bandwidth required for community, free site services.
    • For web based live streaming and movie talk.
    • Not recommended for recording or distribution to other types of devices.
  • Wowza Media Server hosting:
    • For production sites where spectacle and stability is more significant than price.
    • For sites that request advanced features including recording, archiving, transcoding and publishing to mobiles.
    • All our Wowza plans are on 1000Mbps connected servers.

After ordering any of these plans send us the domain name you plan to use with it. You can point your domain’s name servers to the ones we’ll provide or you can access it using the dedicated ip (without hosting a domain).

Because these plans are managed, each account setup is done by hand by our staff and it can take a duo of days to be ready. Activity is diminished on weekends so setups for orders placed during or right before weekend are usually done on Monday. Delays also occur for other non working days.

What’s the difference inbetween 100Mbps and 1000Mbps connections?

While both 100Mbps and 1000Mbps can theoretically accept unlimited number of connections, server bandwidth possibilities limit the movie flows that can be served depending on bandwidth required per stream. The hosting boundaries are for the total streaming bandwidth not for the number of connections.

Server Location and Network

All servers are located physically in North America and have high speed gigabit connection. If you’re interested in hosting in other locations (Europe) closer to your clients see our Red5 VPS RTMP plans.

Red5 application installation is a serviced managed by our team.

If you’re not using one of our application and need to install your own, our hosting team will also require Java source code for the Red5 server side rtmp application. This is required for review due to security policy.

VideoWhisper staff monitors total traffic for each account (standard cpanel traffic + rtmp traffic) and suggests upgrade options if more resources are needed.

That means on a 1000Gb plan (for about 33Gb/day average use): if usage exceeds 100Gb in a singled day or 50Gb in three different days account should be moved to a more powerful plan. Compared to estimated daily use that’s no more than 300% in a day or 150% in three different days.

If you have your own virtual private server or dedicated server and lack the time and practice to install Red5, our server install team can provide Red5 Installation which includes installation of latest JDK and stable Red5 version.

For high traffic sites with hundreds of simultaneous users online we recommend dedicated Red5 servers.

As an advanced solution for high traffic sites we can provide managed Red5 hosting (optionally managed Wowza Media Server) on one or numerous dedicated servers.

We recommended these for high volume sites using VideoWhisper standard or custom-built applications with advanced stream balancing on numerous servers.

Each server includes four Dedicated IPs, WHM + cPanel and latest Red5 and Java available. Our staff setups your rtmp applications and restarts the red5 server as needed so you don’t need to pay an administrator for the linux servers.

(max. simultaneous movie conversions)

(for any use including streaming, vod, file sharing)

(WHM license included, $45/mo)

(volume discounts: 6% for six months, 10% for twelve months)

  • Contact us to ask for plan order links are not available or you need custom-made hardware . In example 1000GB HDD can be exchanged with 200GB SSD if you choose speed to space or fatter disks can be added if you need more space.

Servers have one thousand Mbps dedicated connection (maximum speed available for bursts) but average use should be around five hundred Mbps. Canada servers are with a different data center that mainly targets regular site hosting. If datacenter determines that server connection is used mostly for streaming, movie sharing or file sharing, connection may be limited until upgrading to a different bandwidth option. Site will need to be transferred to a server with dedicated 1000Mbps connection (like S1), that’s more cost efficient in this situation .

  • * 100Tb bandwidth on dedicated 1000Mbps port for S servers, can be used each month (input and output) as needed, without limitations. Usually 100Tb is not reached due to other hardware limitations or usage distribution in outward networks. 100Tb/month is equivalent for using server’s connection at around 30% capacity (within good spectacle parameters).

    38.Five Mb/2nd which is

  • If you calculate cost per Gb for this streaming server, it starts from

    0.01$/Gb which is at least ten times less compared to most rtmp streaming providers (including Cloud) where one Gb is at least

    0.1$ . So even if you’re using 20% of allocated bandwidth per month for your solution, it’s two times cheaper than most cloud streaming providers.

  • Simultaneous user capacity is better compared to VPS and clould provider instances that usually share a connection (similar to VPS, numerous cloud instances share a one hundred Mbps or one thousand Mbps conection).

  • Getting a more powerful server can permit using more of the allocated bandwidth, expecially on requesting sites where serving may be limited by required processing power. So getting a quicker server can lower actual price per Gb.

    Optionally, for $50/month extra, server can be located in another location of choice: Dallas, Washington DC, Seattle, San Jose, Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan. Servers are also available in more exotic locations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, Sao Paolo but servers permit only 20Tb* transfer per month (instead of 100Tb as rest of servers).

    Location for C type servers (C1) is Canada (North America, East Coast) and for same price server can be provided in France (Europe).

    • Wowza license can be added for extra $65/month (rental of a Wowza license).

    If you need root access you will need to order and use your own Wowza Streaming Engine subscription and license key.

  • Softaculous can be installed for $24/year to permit effortless web installation for popular free turnkey scripts.
  • Extra IPs can be added for $Two/IP/month up to a maximum of sixty four IPs per server.

    Contact us for details on ordering these plans. We can also provide advice and offers for higher requirements.

    Note: These hosting services do not include free software license; these must be ordered separately.

    Red5 is an open source flash rtmp server with a large community of users behind it. Red5 is written in Java and supports Java rtmp applications. Many developers support Red5 for their movie streaming and other live interactive flash applications.

    Red5 is a free alternative to expensive streaming servers like Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX, Adobe Flash Media Server, Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server, Wowza Media Server Pro, Wowza Media Server.

    Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a proprietary protocol developed by Adobe Systems for streaming audio, movie and data over the Internet, inbetween a Flash player and a server.

    The raw TCP-based RTMP maintains a single persistent connection and permits real-time communication. To assure slick delivery of movie and audio flows, while still maintaining the capability to transmit thicker chunks of information, the protocol may split movie and data into fragments.

    The RTMP defines several channels on which packets may be sent/received, and which operate independently of each other. For example, there is a channel dedicated for treating RPC requests and responses, a channel for movie stream data, a channel for audio stream data, a channel for out-of-band control messages (fragment size negotiation, etc.), and so on. During a typical RTMP session, several channels may be active at the same time at any given time.

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