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Along with our in office business counseling services the BOC WBC offers clients the capability to receive assistance via online and real-time talk. We suggest several options for people looking to receive assistance on-line.

  • To download the client request form
  • E-mail the ended form to [email protected] or fax it to 718-246-1881.

We recommend that clients take our needs assessment survey to identify the type of level or service you might need before you schedule an appoitment with a business counselor. The survey will take an average of ten minutes.

  • To access our needs assessment instrument .

ASSISTANCE OPTIONS: E-mail, Online Talk, and Movie Conferencing

Option #1: Clients can receive assistance via e-mail. Clients can e-mail [email protected] with questions and or business needs and a counselor will react to your request within one business day.

Option #Two: Clients can receive assistance via real-time talk. The BOC WBC is able to talk to clients through gchat – a free e-mail and talk service from Google.

  • Our user name and e-mail is [email protected]
  • Clients must have a gmail account to live-chat with BOC WBC Staff.
  • Anyone can get a FREE gmail account .

Option #Three: Clients can receive assistance via on-line live-chat and movie conferencing. The BOC WBC is able to talk to clients through Skype – a free online talk and movie conferencing service.

  • Our user name is BOC WBC.
  • Clients must have a Skype account to livechat and or movie call with the BOC WBC.
  • Anyone can get a FREE Skype account .

Clients must schedule an appointment for any online business counseling session.

Business Planning Templates

Below you will find some our business planning templates.

  • Business Plan Outline Template or

and Excel formats, all in one .zip file:

Online Training Resources

  • The SBA offers courses that are identified by topic. You can learn about the specific courses by clicking, Here. In general, the courses are all self-paced and should take about thirty minutes to accomplish. Most of the courses require a brief online registration.

Get embarked with SBA on-line training .

  • Learn your way with SCORE. Take SCORE courses anytime. Attempt these useful & interesting courses to help your business get commenced and grow.

Get commenced with SCORE on-line training .

  • The IRS hosts various presentations that are dedicated to helping your puny business. In addition to the movie and audio presentations, you can also visit the Petite Business Tax Workshop Movie page for instructional lessons. To view the movies, please download Flash Player, here if you don’t already have it.

Get embarked with IRS on-line training .

  • Puny Business Development Center’s office(SBDC) also offers on-line training on topics that range from developing your business plan to analyzing your competition.

Get commenced with SBDC on-line training .

from the Alaska SBDC.

  • QuickBooks Elementary Embark offers free training when you download the FREE QuickBooks accounting software.

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