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Fresh Facebook Talk features and sidebar, your problems and imperfections

Yesterday the messages team over at Facebook launched a fresh update for Facebook Talk, this brings a fresh sidebar which lists the people that you talk to the most and also permits you to invite numerous people to a talk, however not everyone has been affected by the update.

Firstly the list of the people you message the most which shows in the sidebar does not permit you to customize how it shows up, presently this sorts names alphabetically, which means that if your best friend’s name starts with a letter which is near the end of the alphabet you will not be able to quickly talk with him/her. Lots of people have vented their anger on Facebook and a page called “I hate the fresh Facebook sidebar” has been set up, you can Like this page here, two hundred sixty people already have.

The general feeling seems to be that Facebook talk worked pretty well prior to the update which begs the question: why switch it? Finding a comment which isn’t utter of profanities is a hard task, however we think that Otilia Alexandru Trifan summed the general feeling up with this comment “I simply hate it. I see nothing better than before. I permanently have a long list of all the friends I have ever chatted with, even if only once, so not interesting at all”.

Not everyone can see the Facebook Talk sidebar yet (including me) and we don’t know why, therefore we would love to hear from you if this problem affected you, if so, how did you manage to resolve it?

Another fresh feature which the update brings is movie talk, Facebook has been working with Skype to build this feature into talk and now it is ready, simply go to this page and click “Get Commenced”, this will enable movie talk and soon when talking with someone you will see a movie call button, click this and the movie call should begin, we shortly tested this and it worked fine, if your friend doesn’t reaction you can simply leave a movie message, neat eh?

Eventually we must shortly mention group talk, this functionality has been wished by many for a while now and it has been well implemented in our opinion, when talking to someone simply select the add friends to talk icon, we tested out this function for harshly ten minutes without a problem and think it is a welcome addition to the social networking website.

We would love you to share your opinions in the comments section below, feel free to let us know what problems you have with the fresh Facebook Talk sidebar and what ideas you have which would make it better.

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