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Camfrog Peak: Find Even More Movie Talk Rooms!

Did you know, that your room browser preferences are now synced across any device you login on? If you’d like to find even more rooms, including Eighteen+ rooms on your mobile, just login to and visit your Account Settings page. There you’ll see a fresh options “Display adult rooms” Just enable that checkbox and click Save, and you’ll have access to all available rooms, even on Android or iPhone!

Ribbit for iPhone is here!

By popular request, our latest app Ribbit Live is now available for iPhones!

Ribbit Live is super ordinary to use. Instantly view LIVE cams and connect with people around the world. You have sixty seconds of live movie to determine: No thanks, Fav for later, or Talk now. Then get talking. Tap “Join Talk Room” to hop into the chatroom with your fav’s!

Showcase more rooms on mobile

We’ve heard your feedback, and would like to announce that you can now find even more rooms than ever on our mobile apps! Beginning today, you can visit your profile settings page, and in your “Privacy” settings tab, you can check the box labeled “Display Legitimate+ rooms.” When this option is checked, and you log on to Camfrog mobile apps, you’ll now see Eighteen+ rooms category in the rooms list. This setting will sync across all mobile devices you sign in on, and in a future update, will also sync with the Windows app as well.

Also reminisce, as always, you can find the utter rooms list on the web at

Introducing Ribbit by Camfrog!

We’re very excited to announce the latest member of the Camfrog App family: Ribbit!

Ribbit is a joy way to meet fresh people from around the world. Swipe through live movies to find someone to talk with.

You have sixty seconds of live movie to determine: No thanks, Beloved for later, or Talk Now.

Swipe left or right to find someone that interest you, and send them a message.

Ribbit is brand fresh, and available now from the Google Play Store for your Android phone or tablet.

Introducing Ribbit by Camfrog

We’re pretty excited to give you a preview of a fresh app we’re working on.

Ribbit by Camfrog is a joy way to meet fresh people. View LIVE movies from people around the world.

You have sixty seconds to determine if you want to Swipe to the next live movie, Dearest them to keep in touch, Talk with them directly, or Join the talk room they’re in.

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