7 Things Your Beau Won – t Tell You

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There are always things that both fellows and women are hesitant to share with their fucking partners, things that they know will bite them in the butt if they share. There are certainly things your bf won’t tell you, and while this isn’t a comprehensive list, it does hit the highlights.

Your job is not to do anything silly—like confront him on these on your next date night. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Secret #1: He WILL lie to you about your cooking

You may think you’re an awesome cook, but that meatloaf of yours…yeah, he’d rather go to Burger King. I wouldn’t look too deep into this. If he says he likes it the very first time, don’t ask him ten more times. You’ll get the same reaction and you’ll both be grumpy about it. Give him a duo of options, and if you notice he never wants one of those options, chop it out of your dinner rotation. Problem solved.

Secret #Two: He’s not going to stop watching porn (no matter how nicely you ask)

But you knew this…or at least I hope you did. Your dude loves having hook-up with you, but he also loves watching hook-up from time to time (too much, he may have a problem.) The more you ridicule him into thinking it’s wrong, the more likely he’ll resent you. Besides, this isn’t about you. I’m sure you’re fantastic in bed. But no matter how crazy the hookup, a dude is going to feel the need to get off without you from time to time.

Secret #Trio: He’ll never tell you that you look fat—EVER

You could be wearing a moo-moo and closing in on four hundred pounds, he doesn’t dare say it, not ever. He knows that the minute he says something, you’ll go through your entire wardrobe before you two can leave the house. On top of that, you’ll force him to witness as you attempt on everything you own. If he truly thinks you look better in something and says so, you very likely won’t believe him – and he knows it.

Secret #Four: He doesn’t feel like chit talk after hookup

I think a lot of you read this and know about it, but it still doesn’t stop you from getting angry when your stud falls asleep in the middle of one of your monologues. Sorry, but our brains shut down. We want to play a movie game or turn on Netflix but the last thing we feel like doing is talking. Don’t blame us. Blame biology.

Secret #Five: Steamy hook-up wishes (that don’t involve you) aren’t leaving the restrains of his head

He’ll never mention it…ever, especially if it has to do with an ex. Lovemaking with other playmates in a wish says nothing about his own desire for you so you shouldn’t feel threatened by it. He’s not going to call his ex up just because he had a desire about her.

Secret #6: He’ll hide the fact that he doesn’t feel like having hookup with you (at the moment)

It’s effortless for damsels to tell their guys to bugger off if they don’t want hook-up. That’s pretty normal in a standard relationship. Society, however, doesn’t apply that same logic to studs denying women lovemaking. Your stud is so jumpy about telling something that he’ll most likely just run with it anyway—regardless of whether he’s stressed out, tired, annoyed with you, or a entire slew of other things.

Secret #7: Yes, he’s looking at other women – and loving it

He’s sneaky about it, too. For every time you’ve caught him looking at another chick, he’s done it another ten times without you noticing. When he’s draping out with friends, it’s even worse. Can we agree that there are other pretty women out there? He’s not going to have hookup with them (if you are a catch – and you are) so don’t sweat it. And the more you get on his case about it, the more he’ll just feel jumpy around you. Trust your man and understand that it’s nothing individual.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in a fine relationship, none of these little secrets are significant. He still loves you and wants to do what’s best for the relationship. I would strongly suggest you not bring these up, even if you have in the past. Give your dude some space. Trust me, he’ll appreciate it.

What questions have you asked that you maybe shouldn’t have?

Gregg Michaelsen

Gregg began his journey into understanding the mistakes we make in dating and how to fix them by interviewing thousands of people – glad couples, unhappy couples, singles looking for ‘the one’ and everyone in inbetween. He reviewed his own dating practices and combined all of this information into his series of dating advice books for dudes and women.

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