7 Apps for Steamy Text Sessions


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7 Apps for Steamy Text Sessions

While it might not be the app’s best or safest use, there’s no denying Snapchat’s sext-friendly design.

Facebook’s Snapchat clone works in much the same way. One notable difference: Poke users are stuck with their Facebook usernames.

Send brief, looped movies that self-destruct after a time period of your choosing.

Avocado is an app designed for couples. A place built specifically for sharing schedules, messages and photos sounds very sexty to us.

This app permits couples to share photos, texts and voice memos with one another and store them in a private app. We wonder what kind of things they share.

Basically billed as a more secure Snapchat, iDelete offers users screenshot protection — a service that could have helped many a public figure in the past few years.

A Kik user get his own profile and username, permitting for more anonymity than other apps like it . that also certainly aren’t for sexting.

You know that app you use for sexting? Its developers would rather you not sext with it. In fact, considering the iffy legal issues surrounding sexting and "intimate photo sharing," most apps used for the act specifically discourage users from partaking. Just read their terms of service.

Take Facebook Poke, for example. Facebook’s legal terms state that users should not post content that "is pornographic; or contains nakedness." It’d certainly be no surprise to Facebook to hear that some users don’t exactly go after this suggestion to the letter.

In fact, if you look in your phone’s app store, you’ll likely see the growing number of apps suggesting private messaging and sharing. If you happen to be looking for apps to use for private, discreet messaging (sexual or otherwise), we’ve compiled a list of some you may be interested in.

Oh, and before you determine to breach any terms of service, please make sure you’re Eighteen.

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